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HQ from New York, we are an AI agency focused on delivering customized AI solutions by partnering with founders and companies to understand their unique challenges and goals. Our expertise in artificial intelligence enables us to develop practical applications that address complex issues and open new opportunities for growth, ensuring a significant return on investment.

Getting Started with AI for Business

Rapid AI Prototypes

Our proof of concept service is not just about demonstrating what's possible, it's about establishing what's practical, profitable and tailored to your business needs.

Build an AI MVP

Our AI Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) rapidly validate your most promising ideas, focusing on the core functionalities that matter most to your business.

Scale your AI

Our AI solutions go beyond proof of concepts to deliver scaled, production-ready systems tailored to drive measurable ROI. With our expertise in building for the real world, we rapidly deploy reliable AI that integrates seamlessly, delivering the operational efficiencies and bottom line returns you expect.

Labs Incubator


Hey I'm Dune, the pioneering AI Personal Shopper meticulously crafted to transform the realm of luxury fashion retail shopping. I'm your dedicated luxury fashion curator, blending the nuances of personal taste with the vast world of luxury fashion.

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Style-curated AI fashion search engine Hyper-personalised shopping platform. Search and shop from a curated selection of brands and boutiques powered by AI

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Kai is a cutting-edge AI manager that provides intelligent management services and solutions to major independent music artists, distributors, and labels.

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A Feeda AI app is an all-encompassing, centralized application enhanced with a smart AI agent, offering personalized assistance and streamlined digital experiences.

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Hej! I'm Ebba, your Swedish AI curator and companion. With my heart deeply rooted in Swedish traditions and an eye for contemporary trends, I'm here to share the secrets of my homeland.

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Olá! I'm João, your digital maestro from Portugal. Together, let's bask in the sun-kissed glory of my homeland. I'm here to weave the magic of our vibrant traditions with the pulsating energy of our cities.

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Your local AI companions experience the world through the eyes of our AI agents, tailored to provide you with genuine local insights, knowledge, and recommendations. Each of our agents has been trained with rich local data, capturing the essence of their home

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Ferdy is your dedicated AI assistant and Feeda AI Co-pilot. Anything you need let him know he’s here to help!

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ChronoXP GPT

Chrono XP GPT is a pioneering AI-driven luxury watch platform meticulously crafted to transform the realm of luxury watch discovery and shopping.

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Discover the Future with Avies AI

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BYON is a personal holdings formation company and venture network for entrepreneurs and self—made individuals.

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Union iv

Union stands as a revolutionary force in music business, harmonizing the expertise of seasoned industry professionals with the precision and adaptability of artificial intelligence. Our multi-agent marketplace and platform are meticulously designed to augment

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Onscreen Network

Onscreen is an interactive video streaming platform and content network built to help creators connect with their audiences, own and manage their content without restriction or limitation.

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Unscripted is a discovery and media platform, built to provide musicians with a medium to tell their stories, from their perspective, to thier audiences.

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Sply xp cc

Discover the future of fashion, style and shopping.

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Sply XP

Shop from a network of fashion brands, boutiques, and retailers online and in store.

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Sneaker XP

Shop our marketplace of verified sneaker vendors and service providers and get access to a selection of exclusive sneakers, limited releases, and product services on demand.

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Garmento Showrooms are the physical and digital showrooms for brand wholesale clients and retailers to view collections for buying or in person ordering.

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Skit XP

Short-form comedy entertainments.

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Sply TV

SPLY offers a creator-curated video shopping experience featuring a selection of experiential brands and retailers.

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Inter AI

Inter AI introduces a revolutionary approach to player discovery and representation. Our platform uses the precision of computer visualisation, pattern recognition and AI technology with the invaluable insight of experienced professionals, scouts, and intermed

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Que XP

Search, discover, and connect with our network of travel experience providers, creators, operators, and local experts and book curated travel experiences made for you.

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Gramie is a generative AI marketplace for creative services and products. We empower artists and creators with cutting-edge AI tools, complemented by human ingenuity. Our platform is dedicated to enhancing, streamlining, and revolutionising the creation proces

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Inca Labs

Inca is where the best ideas find right teams and funding to scale. Collectively, we’ve developed dozens of mvps from 100+ ideas that address a market of billions. Our portfolio of ventures are lead by our in house team of product designers and leaders in th

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Neon represents a transformative leap in the music industry, integrating advanced artificial intelligence to redefine how talent is discovered, nurtured, and promoted.

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Plates eats

Explore our reward based food discovery marketplace coupled with a community of culinary creators to find your next meal, anywhere, anytime

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Index is An AI-Powered Data Aggregation Network and Research tool the seamlessly combines the prowess of AI Co-pilots with professional Human Expertise and knowledge.

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Royalty redefines the concept of loyalty and rewards, offering an unparalleled platform that caters to boutiques, brands, and retailers keen on treating their clients, customers, and staff like royalty. By blending experiential rewards with gamification, Royal

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