Royalty redefines the concept of loyalty and rewards, offering an unparalleled platform that caters to boutiques, brands, and retailers keen on treating their clients, customers, and staff like royalty. By blending experiential rewards with gamification, Royalty creates an engaging ecosystem that fosters deep connections and loyalty.


Index is An AI-Powered Data Aggregation Network and Research tool the seamlessly combines the prowess of AI Co-pilots with professional Human Expertise and knowledge.

Plates eats

Explore our reward based food discovery marketplace coupled with a community of culinary creators to find your next meal, anywhere, anytime


Neon represents a transformative leap in the music industry, integrating advanced artificial intelligence to redefine how talent is discovered, nurtured, and promoted.

Inca Labs

Inca is where the best ideas find right teams and funding to scale. Collectively, we’ve developed dozens of mvps from 100+ ideas that address a market of billions. Our portfolio of ventures are lead by our in house team of product designers and leaders in the field of AI, cryptography, operating systems, and machine learning.

Inter AI

Inter AI introduces a revolutionary approach to player discovery and representation. Our platform uses the precision of computer visualisation, pattern recognition and AI technology with the invaluable insight of experienced professionals, scouts, and intermediaries to discover, analyse, and report on the next generation of elite players.

Sply TV

SPLY offers a creator-curated video shopping experience featuring a selection of experiential brands and retailers.


Kai is a cutting-edge AI manager that provides intelligent management services and solutions to major independent music artists, distributors, and labels.